Friday, October 16, 2009

Reality check and resolution

Diwali resolution may sound a little unfamiliar but festivals like these give you a lot of time to introspect and explore yourself. Otherwise we live for others, with others, during holidays we get time to look at our selves. During my last few days in college in trimester 4, when I did the same, I realized that there are few instances which happen repeatedly to make to realize " I have committed the same mistake twice"
It was a meeting with 2 senior members where my belief and assumptions were proven wrong. Difficult to accept, what I assumed that my batch mates would respond to a certain activity, they proved me wrong. Kids are kids and they like to be pampered and given attention, else they don't work, which I thought was wrong for grown up kids like MBA's . Hard to believe, and astonishing, even MBA's want to be pampered like kids. My analysis of the audiences went wrong. ( Instance 1)
During my summer internship, my mentor liked my work, but had a problem with my audience analysis as the presentation i made were not suiting the audinece. He was disappointed. My analysis of audience went wrong again. (instance 2)
गलती एक बार हो तो ठीक है, दो बार हो तो माफ़ है, बार बार हो तो वह बेवकूफी से कम नही है.
So I took a resolution, I want to start understanding why people react in a peculiar manner, but how to do it?
I found two solutions
1 . Read books and try to judge what will come next
2 . Write blogs and ask for real time feedbacks and know people reactions.
So, with due respect to my resolution I have written my 1st blog, and also read the book
"Every second counts - Lance Armstrong"

Help me find more solutions!!!