Friday, October 16, 2009

Reality check and resolution

Diwali resolution may sound a little unfamiliar but festivals like these give you a lot of time to introspect and explore yourself. Otherwise we live for others, with others, during holidays we get time to look at our selves. During my last few days in college in trimester 4, when I did the same, I realized that there are few instances which happen repeatedly to make to realize " I have committed the same mistake twice"
It was a meeting with 2 senior members where my belief and assumptions were proven wrong. Difficult to accept, what I assumed that my batch mates would respond to a certain activity, they proved me wrong. Kids are kids and they like to be pampered and given attention, else they don't work, which I thought was wrong for grown up kids like MBA's . Hard to believe, and astonishing, even MBA's want to be pampered like kids. My analysis of the audiences went wrong. ( Instance 1)
During my summer internship, my mentor liked my work, but had a problem with my audience analysis as the presentation i made were not suiting the audinece. He was disappointed. My analysis of audience went wrong again. (instance 2)
गलती एक बार हो तो ठीक है, दो बार हो तो माफ़ है, बार बार हो तो वह बेवकूफी से कम नही है.
So I took a resolution, I want to start understanding why people react in a peculiar manner, but how to do it?
I found two solutions
1 . Read books and try to judge what will come next
2 . Write blogs and ask for real time feedbacks and know people reactions.
So, with due respect to my resolution I have written my 1st blog, and also read the book
"Every second counts - Lance Armstrong"

Help me find more solutions!!!


  1. Hi friends....
    My 1st attempt at writing something...please bear!!!!

  2. Hi..
    Good to see your 1st article of blog..

    Feedback with your permission-
    1. Do you really think books can help in understanding how and what people react in certain situations..?
    I guess books provide IQ...And here we are talking on- Social Intelligence, which can be enhanced by having conversation with people top to down the hierarchical ladder. Talking to every one, loving everyone, considering every one equal and most importantly, not discriminating anyone on the basis of academic intelligence, competence, skills/eligibility etc..

    2. Being your well-wisher would suggest you to focus on your resolution and realization a little more..Your batch mates are still too be considered as kids...Is'nt it a little obscure to say so...?? Would'nt it be more perfect to say- "My audience needed more articulation.." ???

    In my opinion even happiness and appreciation from our senior colleagues/mentor are equally needed as is from our colleagues and people down the order...

    Hope I could make some sense...

    Manish Vaswani

    *PS- Your work on Placement Brochure, was really quite commendable...Kudos...

  3. Hi dear,

    According to my understanding, I believe that rather than being pampered, humans are more prone to appreciations and recognitions which drives them to work even harder and i don't think it's wrong in any sense...

    Its all how you take it!

    An employee may work FOR MONEY, with continuous criticism for boss...
    may work in bliss, "FOR THE ORGANIZATION!"

    Both the attitudes are the results of how the boss is.................

    And I completely agree with what Manish has written about Social Intelligence...

    It was a great blog and I appreciate your initiative for the same...

    All the best!

    Hetvee Desai

  4. Hi...
    i think this is a very good initiative to write a blog....

    According to me

    Every person in this world is different from others...and why is it so?..

    To understand people it is important to understanding perceptions because it is only the perception of a individual which helps him analyze any given situation or anything he comes across for that matter and to know this perception the best way is to interact with them.

    Any assumption about anyone can go wrong until you interact with them and understand what they demand from you, n when you will know this then i think we will be in a better position to cater to the need of our audience...

    Regarding books I m not very sure that it will help you understand the psyche of people or would help you understand "your" audience...

    I think this should be it from my side...

    All the best


  5. Thanks Manish, Hetvee and dilpreet for your comments...and suggestions...I'l try and implement them.. Do keep commenting on the other blogs in the serious il post soon..Thanks again

  6. hey anishka

    its a great post.

    i am fully agree with manish's opinion but i want to put my point here that our socity is made of us only and we are responsible for the discrimination issue.

    further i will look for a quality discussion on our life related issues.

    ravi Jain

  7. Hey Anishka

    According to me, it is the perspective of an individual of how do they take things. Some do things for there personal interest, and some do achieve some thing- may be money, or probably fame.

    It even depends on you how you respond and take there way of working. Sometimes they may pretend to be the most innocent and naive; but might not be the case. It may happen the other way round. So judging the people is a long process. We need to look on there activities closely and it comes by Experience. Being a manager we need to be good at it, but it is for sure that we don't have to judge kids, but we have to judge MBA's. So, don't worry, just be cautious in handling such cases.

    Robin Singh Vasu

  8. Hi dear,

    Diwali resolution not at all sounds unfamiliar, instead festivals like these are the best way to introspect and explore our self and others.
    To understanding why people react in a peculiar manner and how we should react just try this three steps
    1-Just analyze a situation from others view point. Step into their shoe. Identify their interest, priorities, environment etc. Never judge and arrive to a decision just by watching the shoe. Step completely into it. Talk to them directly but don’t react or reply. Now make a situation which would be in accordance with their interest and priority list.
    2- Watch the situation as a third party. Try analyzing that situation. Replace both the parties with someone else, is output changed. Dose time changes the result...Why? How can the best output be obtained. What would be the equation and solution when you place the best people as other party?
    3- Analyze yourself now. Now you would be in a better position to understand your audience.
    Book would provide you a solution to a situation but to understand that situation you have to talk with them. Before talking to anyone gain their confidence and trust (just show confidence and trust in them).
    Festivals also bring joy and happiness. It provides you time and a reason to enjoy with family and loved once. Give them time, the greatest gift one can, as it is the portion of life that you can never get back.
    Wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali. May this New Year bring joy, health and wealth to you, your family and all you’re loved once.

  9. "even MBA's want to be pampered like kids" a tough statement but again I will not say whether it is wrong or right as here too difference in perception matters a lot.
    Best answer I think is from Varun as it is a peculiar Engineer's answer (a system approach).