Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whats the cost of professionalism!!!

Down the memory lane there were a few strange and puzzling facts that came to my mind.... I asked a question - Why am I here? What do I intend to learn??
Many answers came to my mind..
1. professionalism,
2. managerial skills and many more

Pondering on professionalism - Well, many around have really become professional. But whats wrong. Was it not for what we came here. I think they learnt what they intended to learn.

I have a big question, many people are too career oriented and therefore want to learn professionalism to survive. What better ground to learn and practise the same, than with talented manager like us. Why are these people(learners and practitioners) treated like the ugly duckling. They are practising what they are learning.

But I have seen people pay a big price for being transparent enough to accept that they are professional. They are left alone, they find no one around because others are busy building relations and having fun(which of course is essential). All alone in the crowd, no one to look back to, when under pressure. Why this heavy price?? This question has been bothering me ever since I saw a few people upset because they committed an mistake - The mistake of learning to be professional.

Prioritizing work, demanding work from people to ensure the target is met, performing acts which your role demand(whether it doesn't support a friend), being passionate about a task in hand, giving time to work rather than fun....
Whats wrong in all this...Have we all not come to imbibe this...Then why the ugly duckling feeling?? Why do the budding professionals feel like a newcomer when they join their friends. The jokes have all changed, the expectations change, the outlook changes, no one feels happy when they rejoice..

The path to professionalism is tough...and we want to be "Professionals of the 21st century"....
Are we really ready..Professionalism has a heavy cost attached..Are we ready to pay it???


  1. Nice start....and thanks i could associate myself with the character u mentioned... there is a thin line in being social and being professional i guess, and handling both of them is obviously a balancing act!! the one who does wins it all......

  2. there is no thin line between professional & social, but there is a thin line between hypocrate and a diplomat, try never cross that :)

  3. Hi Anishka,

    Thanks for writing this blog.
    I always used to ponder about this mercurial thought of whether to be a true professional without having any emotional feeling towards anyone or to be demonstrative?

    When I sat back and thought about it, I remembered a saying: being effusive can be injurious to the growth of the organization, whether yours or someone else's. (I don't remember the exact words though)

    This made my heart sink! Is it really so?

    Then came an answer: For being a true professional there is no cost(of losing friends etc...) that one has to pay. Infact, being professional and social is like Assets and liabilities of a balance sheet. Both of it has to be exactly equal only then a balance sheet tallies and only then you can proceed further and achieve success.

    Being just a professional may grant you success till perpetuity, but, is life only about success? It is about ceremonializing it with your near and dear ones, with the world that GOD has granted you to live in...........

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  5. Hi Dear,

    I truly agree with Hetvee. She had explained in simple words along with a practical analogy what a complete professional is all about...

  6. Hi Anishka,

    Thank for writing this post!!
    This is a very important issue for almost all of us!!
    Being professional is obviously necessary but this again is a PERCEPTION..
    We have often heard a saying that "The person on the TOP is always alone"
    If we dont have our close ones to share that success with us then what is the fun of having that??
    A successful person is one who can strike a right balance between both personal and professional life..
    Friends, Family, Peers are important, very very important indeed..
    And, we have learnt a great importance of "NETWORKING" and I think a good network can be built with good relations and good relations can be made by being professional but not on the cost of losing everybody.
    Priorities change with the need. But relationships are above all..!!